Hi there!

I'm Mădălina, Paris-based brand consultant; occasional photographer and hiker; night, forest and perfume addict. This is Noctvrna, created back in 2010 as a blog dedicated to night photography. Meanwhile, it grew into something more.

Night Thoughts, Noctvrna's core part, is an ode to the night. Not the night as a temporal unit. The night as a state of mind open to contemplation, inner explorations and wanderings. Don't be surprised, confused or angry if not all the pictures are conventional night pictures, it's not the point.

By the Woods is the reflection of the need to evade the big city's concrete walls, in search of the green magic. There are some great forests around Paris and in Auvergne. Maybe a part of me still believes in fauns, or maybe it's just the need to connect with the Earth, fill the lungs and brain with the vital scents of the Forest.

On the Road started as a photo diary of my US West Coast road-trip. It is now a "carnet de voyages". It's not a travel guide, it's just a subjective view of the small world I've explored, sometimes through the dazzled eyes of a tourist, other times, through the critical eyes of a brand consultant. This is the link for On the Road.

Most of the pictures have been taken with my Leica M (type 240) and with the Leica Summilux 50mm lens, by far my absolute favorite. From time to time, I use also the Leica Summicron 35mm and Leica Summicron 75mm, which I love, but I'm just less familiar with these focal lengths.

I hope you'll enjoy Noctvrna.